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Exclusive Project Update

Not a very exciting title I know, but a common theme among many requests was to place each of our projects into the various stages of development.  You can check my previous brief here if you want a more detailed explanation of the various stages.

Initial Thoughts

All of our announced products are well beyond this stage! 

Initial research

All of our announced products are well beyond this stage as well!  Many of the models that have been suggested to us following the last brief are actually at this stage, although slightly worryingly there are a couple of projects which are quite well advanced that were not mentioned at all!

Detailed research

Our Bulleid Diesel project is at this stage.  We still need additional drawings to be able to proceed further and I will probably need to spend a week in York at some point to see if they have anything that will help.

More detailed research

Two announcements will be made a Warley covering both of the models that are currently at this stage.  One is steam, one is diesel, and they are both firmly in our area of expertise.  There may be some more hints leading up to Warley...


The D600 Warship, PBA Clay Tiger, LSWR Road Van and GWR 1361 Tank are all at this stage.


The LSWR Gate Stock is at this stage.

Livery Samples

The LSWR Adams O2 is at this stage.  The remaining Bachmann Thumper models will progress to this stage once we can agree a price and delivery date with Bachmann.  Most of our Bachmann exclusive wagons are also at this stage.


The LSWR Beattie Well Tank is at this stage, as are various Bachmann Scenecraft buildings.


I am a little wary of announcing the additional models at Warley but by then the models will be moving on to the More Detailed Research stage which is when we would normally announce our models.  I have confidence that we now have a robust production plan in place and it was always my intention to have two or three releases a year.  Many of these were originally scheduled to follow our Well Tank in 2012 and it is frustrating that two years went by without much action but we are making up for that now.  At the moment our factory in China is really keen to progress our models and I am having to hold them back to ensure we have a reasonable spread of deliveries.  I do of course need to take note of what else is being produced to ensure nobody is "spent out" when one of our models arrives! 

I know this brief is shorter than last time but I hope the information is useful.  All the best until next time!




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